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Refer Friends for a Free Contracting 'Health Check'

Refer Friends for a 'Health Check'

The type of work contractors do, the hours they spend making sure all their obligations are met and their financial situation are all massive contributors to the overall effectiveness of a career in contracting.

With a free contracting 'health check' from Contracting Scout, we can help more contractors like you ensure they have all the information they need to maintain a healthy financial profile.  

Start referring today and you could receive:

  • An additional £100 on top of the standard referral bonus, and
  • A visit to London’s highest public garden, Sky Garden, to rejuvenate and enjoy an exquisitely landscaped and delicious dining experience.

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Your reward amount will depend upon your referrals day rate and the product they choose. 

*Terms & Conditions

Once you submit their details, we'll give them a call to take care of the rest.

Top Tip: Let your friend know we're going to call. This increases the chances of them coming on board and you getting your referral bonus!